Hungary trains its army, ready for the tough EURO 2024 campaign


With excitement and heightened expectations from football fans across Europe, EURO 2024 has officially kicked off with the participation of top teams from each country. In this wave of enthusiasm and anticipation, the Hungarian team has continuously gone through a challenging and difficult journey to reach this major tournament. With an exciting history and the toughness of a country with a football tradition, Hungary is proud to be a formidable opponent at EURO 2024. Together Mitomtv examination break Please!

Hungary’s convincing journey in the qualifying round



Hungary’s convincing journey in the qualifying round

Hungary started their EURO 2024 qualifying campaign impressively with a 2-1 away win over Serbia. After that, they continued to have an unbeaten streak with 4 wins and 2 draws, thereby creating a safe gap with their competitors.

The highlight of Hungary’s playing style is its effectiveness in attack. They scored 27 goals in 10 qualifying matches, only behind England (39 goals) and Belgium (32 goals).

Goods promise explosive appointment

Hungary’s attack is considered the team’s strongest point. The most prominent is Dominik Szoboszlai, an attacking midfielder playing for RB Leipzig. Meanwhile, Szoboszlai possesses skilled personal technique and impressive ability to create and score goals. He is expected to be Hungary’s main trigger at EURO 2024.

In addition to Szoboszlai, Hungary also possesses other dangerous strikers such as Roland Sallai (SC Freiburg), Adam Szalai (Mainz 05) and Nemanja Nikolics (MOL Fehervar).

Defense needs improvement

However, Hungary’s defense is still a weakness that needs improvement. They conceded 14 goals in 10 qualifying matches, only better than 4 other teams out of 53 participating teams.

To aim for success at EURO 2024, Coach Rossi needs to focus on strengthening the defense. He needs to find a solution to minimize the number of goals lost and help the Hungarian team play more effectively against strong opponents.

Hungary is expected to create a surprise at EURO 2024


Hungary is expected to create a surprise at EURO 2024

After a resounding victory in the EURO 2024 qualifying round, Hungary is feverishly preparing for the final round taking place next June. The national team is led by coach Marco Rossi, who has made great contributions in bringing Hungary back to the European arena after 32 years of absence.

Coach Rossi has called up 26 players for this March training session. The called include key players such as goalkeeper Peter Gulacsi, midfielder Willi Orban, midfielder Adam Szalai and striker Dominik Szoboszlai. In particular, Szoboszlai is expected to be the main trigger in Hungary’s attack. Yeah, with his skillful personal technique and impressive scoring ability.

In addition to professional training, Coach Rossi also focuses on improving the spirit of solidarity for the entire team. He regularly organizes team bonding activities, helping the players understand each other better and creating a fun and comfortable atmosphere.

Great challenges await team recruitment Hungary in Group AHungary

A big challenge awaits Hungary in Group A

Hungary is in Group A with Germany, Portugal, France, Switzerland and Croatia. This is considered the “death” group with the participation of the strongest teams in Europe.

Germany, Portugal and France are all EURO champions, while Switzerland and Croatia are also champions.nameyear oldrelative. Therefore, Hungary will have to face many challenges if they want to pass the group stage.

However, Mitom TV received etermined Hungary also has its own strengths. They own a young, enthusiastic and potential team. Coach Rossi is also an experienced strategist and has led Hungary to overcome many strong opponents.

With careful preparation and a determined playing spirit. However, Hungary can completely create a surprise at EURO 2024. Hungarian fans are placing a lot of expectations on the national team and hope they will make history. history at this year’s tournament.

EURO 2024 promises to be an exciting and dramatic tournament. Hungary will have to try their best to overcome the “death” group and advance deep into the next round. Wishing the Hungarian national team success and bringing joy to the country’s fans.


Through emotional and dramatic matches, the Hungarian team at EURO 2024 not only brought joy to its fans but also left a significant mark in the hearts of those who watched this tournament. Although they were not the final winners, they proved their strength and fighting spirit, leaving a memorable story in Hungarian football history. With outstanding actions and achievements at EURO 2024, the Hungarian team has contributed to making the tournament memorable and creating unforgettable memories in the hearts of fans.on Mitom TV –


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