Volleyball Betting – Game Rules and Winning Tips


Volleyball betting is quite familiar to Vietnamese players. Therefore, right from its launch, these types of bets have received a lot of attention. In this article, we will send you details about the game rules and betting tips in volleyball.

Introduction to volleyball betting

At there are currently many attractive sports competitions such as: football, basketball, badminton, tennis,… One of the most chosen sports that is volleyball itself. These matches bring extremely new experiences to members. In particular, volleyball betting is a form of participants using their money to bet on volleyball matches. There are many domestic and international tournaments taking place every day for you to choose from. This category will require you to have basic knowledge of volleyball, ability to analyze and judge. In addition, to win, you need to invest time in researching and learning about volleyball rules and betting methods.

Highlights of volleyball betting

Volleyball betting has many unique and different features compared to other types of betting in other sports. Some advantages to mention include:

Diverse types of competition bets

Besides the outcome bets, players can choose to add other side bets such as:

  • Bet on the first scorer: You will consider choosing the first scorer. All bets are considered valid until the match has started. In case you place a bet after jumping points on the scoreboard, your bet will be canceled.
  • Betting on the last scorer: In the process of betting on the last scorer of the match, you must bet in the time before the start of the match. In case the player you choose does not participate, the bet will be automatically canceled.

Volleyball Betting

Advantages of participating in soccer betting

Enjoy top-notch matches

Unlike other relatively unfamiliar subjects such as rugby, baseball, golf,… cá độ bóng chuyền is quite popular in Vietnam. Participants can easily access top matches, from domestic to international tournaments. Nowadays, with high internet speed, you will enjoy exciting matches. Sitting in front of the small screen, you can feel the passionate heat like you are in the stands.

Rules for volleyball betting at Hi88

Below are some rules for playing volleyball bets. You need to make sure that the betting process goes smoothly:

  • All bets will be void if the match is not completed as expected.
  • When the match has not ended and one of the two teams or athletes withdraws, the bet will be void.
  • For matches taking place earlier than scheduled, bets placed after the start of the match will be void.
  • In the form of volleyball betting for the final winning team, the Golden set is not included in the payment section.
  • During the 12-hour time limit set by the house, if the match is paused midway, the player can restart and continue betting until the end of the match. After 12 hours, whether the match is completed or not, the results will be canceled.

Volleyball Betting

Detailed regulations on the type of ball betting

Tips to help players win

When betting on volleyball, you need to pay attention to some playing tips that the house shares below. If applied flexibly and reasonably, you will definitely have a very high winning rate.

Track and analyze matches

For volleyball betting, you need to invest time to monitor and analyze match developments. Find out information about the teams, winning and losing records, abilities and performance of the players at the present time. You also need to pay attention to other factors such as competition tactics and injury status of the players. This will make a very important contribution to your every judgment, to get the best results.

Volleyball Betting

Extremely good volleyball betting tips you should apply

Manage budget resources appropriately

Before betting on volleyball, you need to balance your financial capabilities. With each bet, you should apply your experience and knowledge in combination with the bookmaker tips shared above. Avoid placing money based on emotions, but getting results that are not as expected.


Above is all the information about volleyball betting that we have compiled and sent to all players. If you feel interested and love the fierce matches in this subject. Please quickly register an account and participate in matches with the house right now.


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