What is a trixie bet when betting on W88 bookie


It is common for longtime players on W88 online bookie to use trixie bets to generate better profits. Read on to understand how trixie bets work and apply today to win more.

Trixie bet overview

Despite being frequently linked with horse racing, trixie bets can also be made on other sports on W88 online bookie. Trixie wagers can frequently be made on a variety of sports, including basketball, cricket, and football, as long as your bet slip contains three picks in three different events.

When placing three win-only selections, ‘trixies’ are a common form of ‘exotic’ wager. After making your selections, you can choose to automatically place them into three doubles and a treble by choosing the ‘trixie’ option. A patent is a bet that you can make using three singles in addition to three doubles and a triple.

How to put a bet on Trixie on W88

You can easily place an online Trixie wager by following these easy steps:

  • Choose three picks (in three distinct events) and add them to your betting slip.
  • Select the Trixie Bet Option: Look for the Trixie bet among the other bets offered.
  • Enter Stake Amount: Enter the stake amount you want to use for each of the four bets in the Trixie.
  • Confirm and Place a Trixie Bet: To place your Trixie, check your bet slip to make sure all the information is right, then click the “Place Bet” option.

Benefits of placing a Trixie wager on W88

The following benefits for bettors come with placing a Trixie wager:

  • Increased Chance of Return: Trixie bets give the option to get a return even if one selection loses, unlike accumulators that demand that all selections win.
  • Trixie bets serve as a type of insurance, mitigating some of the risk associated with probable losses.
  • Suitable for Short Odds Selections: Trixie bets are especially helpful when betting on short-odds selections that may not produce large returns on their own but can, if successful, produce higher earnings through numerous bets.

Finding the winnings from Trixie’s wager

Here is our easy three-step process for figuring out your potential gains from a Trixie wager on W88 from website official W88.bio:

1. Converting Odds to Decimal Form

If your odds are presented in fractional form, convert them to decimal form by dividing the first number by the second number, then adding 1.

Examples include 1/2 = 1.5, 4/6 = 1.67, 10/11 = 1.91, 1/1 (Evens) = 2.0, 6/4 = 2.5, 2/1 = 3.0, 9/4 = 3.25, 5/2 = 3.5, 5/1 = 6.0, and 10/1 = 11.0, among others.

2. Calculating doubles

To calculate the potential return for each double, multiply the decimal odds of each selection in a double, then multiply the result by your investment (per bet).

Example: The possible return for the double is (2.0 x 2.5 x £5) = £25

3. Calculating a triple

To determine the potential return for the treble, multiply the decimal odds of each of the three choices in the treble, and then multiply the result by your stake.

For instance, the potential return for the treble is (2.0 x 2.5 x 4.0 x £5) = £100.

In the third example, assuming all three bets were successful (at Evens, 5/2, and 3/1), your return on a total wager of £20 (£5 per bet) would be £215, as determined by the formula below:

  • First Double, 2.0 x 2.5 x £5, equals £25,
  • Second Double: £40 ($2.0 * £4.0 * £5)
  • Third Double: £50 ($2.5*4.0*£5)
  • In a triple, 2.0 × 2.5 x 4.0 x £5 equals £100

£25 + £40 + £50 + £100 = £215


Above is the information that bettors on W88 online bookie need to know to start applying trixie bet on the next sports bets to generate maximum profit.


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