Learn about what European odds are and how to bet most effectively


In online soccer betting, the European handicap is the most popular bet among new bettors. Because European handicap is considered easy to play with many benefits for players. So what is European handicap, do you know? If you are not knowledgeable about European odds, please refer to the article below.

What is European Handicap?

What is European Handicap?
What is European Handicap?

European odds are one of the three main types of odds in soccer betting that you often encounter. So what is European handicap? As far as we know, 1×2 is the symbol of the European handicap on the house odds table.

This is the bet in which players when participating in betting will bet on the win, loss and draw results of the match. Odds are given by the house with odds applied to 2 teams for players to bet on. You just need to bet on 1 of the 3 odds that the house offers with the amount you want.

Advantages of European odds


When most people understand what European odds are, they are often quite interested in playing this bet at the bookmaker. Because betting has many advantages such as:

 European odds have many advantages for players
European odds have many advantages for players

High payout rate.

Compared to other odds, European odds have a fairly high payout rate for players. Therefore, when you win European odds, you will earn a large amount of money for yourself. This is the first advantage that helps European odds conquer bettors.

Diverse bet levels.

Bookmakers often offer quite diverse bets for European handicaps. So what is the European handicap bet amount? This is the amount of money that players can bet on European handicaps. Thereby, you can bet with an arbitrary amount of money according to the wallet that the player has. Thanks to that, you will know how to control your bets when betting on European odds.

High win rate.

European odds only have 3 odds for you to bet on the outcome of the match. Therefore, the win rate available to players reaches 33.33%. This is a pretty high winning rate for you when playing soccer betting with European odds.

Flexible European handicap betting.

According to the concept of European odds, this is a main bet in soccer betting. Therefore, in almost every match, the house will provide European odds for players to bet on.
For the above reason, betting with European odds will become more flexible. Thereby, at one time, you can bet on European odds for many different football matches. Thanks to that, the winning rate is also guaranteed to be much higher for players.

How to read European odds in soccer betting.

To help you better understand what European odds are when participating in soccer betting. Below are instructions on how to read European odds for your reference:

How to read odds.

In the concept of European odds above, we mentioned 1×2 as the symbol of this odds on the house odds table. Thereby, with this symbol, you need to understand how to read the odds as follows:

The reading is simple and easy to understand
The reading is simple and easy to understand

1: You will win when the home team wins.

2: You will win when the guest team wins.

x: You will win the match between 2 teams.

Anh em hòor toàn có tấm tham gia hội kèo Châu âu ộ hột 1 hay của trần lại. When you read it at any time, it will be played according to the right time for the player.

Learn how to read

The picture below is the main table between the 2 teams Tottenham vs Aston Villa for the match in Hong Kong. With the Châu u la gî sei nhà cái ra ra cho whole match, it will be read as follows:

The home table between 2 teams Tottenham vs Aston Villa
The home table between 2 teams Tottenham vs Aston Villa
  • If Tottenham wins Aston Villa then you bet 100k for Tottenham will win and get 1.90×100 = 190k prize. On the other hand, when you bet on Aston Villa, you will lose the money you bet.
  • If Tottenham loses to Aston Villa, how much money will you bet on Tottenham? On the contrary, if you bet 100k for Aston Villa, you will win and get 5.30×100 = 530k prize.
  • If Tottenham beat Aston Villa, you bet 100k on the result x (hoà). Người chười của bội tịnh lạn hội bết và gống 2.99×100 = 299k tiết ịnh.

The results of playing Châu lessons

Knowing about the Châu school is not enough so that anh em can participate in this school. Instead, you need to use more experiences such as:

Match analysis

Người chười khi tại gia hội kổo Châu âu chến đội động thộ nhạn nên tiến hường tích information of 2 teams. First you need to enter the information related to 2 teams such as: Team
The shape of the match, the recent situation, the playing style of the 2 teams… From there you will analyze which team has the strength to fight better to place a bet.

Analyze the football match before placing a bet
Analyze the football match before placing a bet

However, the information you collect from 2 teams should be obtained from other sources. In addition, he also considered choosing the matches of the major tournaments. Thus, you will also find it easier to find information related to the team.

Bỏ qua kèo dụ

When you learn about Châu u la gì, anh em will be able to understand the concept of learning. This is known as a football betting game that the house can buy in order to make a profit. That’s why it’s hard for a player to win.
So that’s why I’m going to play football and I’m going to play with you. These are usually the courses that have a very high payout rate that you don’t want to bet on. A special feature to make it easier for you to recognize and play football.

Find the clash history of 2 teams

Người chười khi hội kèo Chườo Đại chười nài thị độc đội tìm tại lịch sở thi tại đồng 2 tại. So from that you will know which of these 2 teams will win when they compete. From there, you will get accurate predictions for the outcome of the match.

Soi keo early from 2-3 nhà cái uy tín

Soi kèo sớm từ 2-3 nhà cái uy tín như W88
Soi kèo sớm từ 2-3 nhà cái uy tín như W88

Đức chơi kèo Chười âu đội quải thị bạn đến đội soi kèo tấy ngay ngay khi nhà cái ra kèo. The most important thing to consider is 2 – 3 family members. In that, W88 is the brand that you are completely interested in reading here.

Priority bet for the home team

With Châu u la gì gì thì anh em khi chơi cá bột nên hội tiền bột chội hại nhà. Because the home team won’t be able to compete on their own field, they will have more advantages. Therefore, the audience will receive warm support from the audience. Thanks to that, the home team will have more chances to win than participating in the competition. This is the reason why we advise you to bet on the home team.

Qua bài bài độn nười ngữ, hope you understand what Châu u la gì? Ways to make your bet successful at W88. Now, you can completely rely on yourself to play Châu Au betting with the best winning rate for yourself.



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