Penalty card betting – Concepts and popular categories 2024


Bet on penalty cards, one of the extremely popular side bets in soccer KEO NHA CAI, attracts a lot of attention from members, because of its simplicity and appeal. But, how many bettors understand this type of bet? To explore, definitely don’t miss our following article.

Introducing information about penalty card betting

Penalty card betting

The most basic concept of penalty card betting

Often known by other names such as Total Bookings, red card betting or yellow card betting. Members will bet on the total number of cards (red and yellow) that will be drawn by the referee during a match. And of course they will not be related to the winning or losing results of the two teams.

Penalty card betting is popular because of the ease of predicting results compared to other genres today. You can use data such as the nature of the match, the ability and tactics of each team to predict bets. When participating, players can bet on the whole match or only play red and yellow cards in each round.

List of some common types of penalty card bets

Penalty card betting

Popular types of penalty card bets today

Currently, there are types of penalty card bets that are of interest and popularity. Here are some bets that you can choose to participate in:

Penalty card handicap

In this type, the house will divide the match into two separate teams, the highly rated team and the less dominant team. A strong team will have to accept a certain percentage for the other team. Calculating the results of this Asian penalty card bet will be based on the total number of cards drawn in each confrontation. For example, if the team receives more cards than the set odds, you will lose the bet.

Over/under category

This is also one of the common forms of penalty card betting in soccer betting. There, members will predict the total number of yellow and red cards issued by the referee in the confrontation. The over/under penalty card ratio is usually set by the betting portal, you can bet on whether the total number of cards in the match will exceed the initially set level. If it exceeds that number, the bet is called “Over”, otherwise it will be “Under”.

Other penalty card bets

Not only does it stop at handicaps or over/unders, there are also countless other genres that bring attraction to players. And here are a few other genres you will definitely have the opportunity to encounter when betting:

  • Which team will be the first or last to receive a penalty card?
  • Bet on penalty cards on the color of the first or last card.
  • Predict the specific number of penalty cards each team may receive.
  • Bet on whether the total number of cards is even or odd.
  • Bet on which player will receive a booking.

How to calculate the penalty card bet?

Penalty card betting

Instructions for calculating money metcard punish

An extremely important piece of information that bettors should not ignore when participating in this side bet is how to calculate money. Because it is the basis to help people manage capital, check the reputation and transparency of the house. The most standard formula for interest is the product of capital and odds. As for the bonus, it will be equal to the total capital spent plus interest.

The following is the clearest example that members can quickly imagine: In the match between Thailand and Vietnam, the betting portal provides over/under penalty card odds and odds of 0.85. You bet 100 VND on the Over side. If the player wins the bet, the profit received will be 100 x 0.85 = 85. Therefore, the total bonus received is up to 185 VND.

The odds that we just mentioned in the above content will appear in the house’s odds table, they are multiplied by the capital spent, equal to the amount of money members receive when winning bets. The more intense and difficult the matches are to predict, the higher this number will be. Therefore, bettors must be very sharp to be able to quickly choose the best bet for themselves.

The secret to playing unbeaten card betting without worrying about losing capital

To make the betting process most effective, members should accumulate and apply good playing tips for themselves. And here are some extremely cool tricks shared by experts that you should not miss:

Carefully evaluate the playing ability of each team

This is the first step and also the most important step, helping players clearly understand the opportunities and risks when betting on penalty cards. The playing style or tactics of each participating team will directly affect their ability to receive a penalty card in each match.

If the team often participates with a positive attitude, focusing highly on ball control, creating a good attack situation. At that time, the possibility of them receiving a penalty card will be very low, meaning the team tends to stay away from the problem of scuffling or touching the opponent.

On the contrary, the team possesses a rather fierce and bold style, demonstrated by regularly participating in clashing situations, which can lead to them receiving more penalty cards. Meanwhile, betting on penalty cards will be quite attractive if you have a firm grasp of how the team approaches the game.

In short, understanding the playing style and tactics used by each participating team will help players make better decisions. Instead of relying on luck, this is a factor that you can rely on to bring yourself victory.

Understand information about the referee

The referee is always an important part to help members make the most accurate prediction of penalty cards. The main referee will play an extremely important role in managing the match, deciding whether to issue a penalty card to the official player.

One factor to consider is their personality. The referee has a serious personality and applies quite strict and strict rules. Of course, drawing a violation ticket will be more likely to happen. Therefore, when you know that they are difficult people, you can predict that the possibility of a ticket being issued will be higher.

Besides, members playing penalty card betting should also pay attention to the relationship between the referee and one of the two participating teams. It is very likely that the decision to penalize a foul will not be made in the fairest way. In addition, according to the experience of players, Asian referees will often draw more penalty cards than Europeans. Therefore, players can rely on this factor to make more accurate prediction decisions.

Distribution of housing money many different doors

Putting money down on multiple doors is a quite smart card betting strategy, quickly increasing the chances of winning for bettors. Although this type of bet is only a small part of betting, when combined with other bets it will bring huge benefits. By betting on many different options, members can increase their chances of winning, minimizing the risk.

Besides, when participating in a penalty card bet, players must always be flexible and ready to withdraw if they have doubts about the bet. This is a way to help protect members’ investment capital and increase their winnings in the match.


Thus, through the above article KEONHACAI can clearly understand the form Penalty card betting. Hopefully, through understanding and applying strategies, players will have more experience and luck in betting. Wishing you success and fun in every match and every betting session


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