Why Guardiola is a Genius, the Best Coach in History


Best Coach

As the debate heats up over who could be considered the best football coach in history, fans and pundits alike delve into discussions armed with stats, historical achievements, and personal biases. For those who like to back their opinions with more than just words, engaging in betting can add an extra layer of excitement to these debates. Utilizing platforms like the user-friendly 1xbet app in Nigeria enables enthusiasts to place bets on future matches, potentially making the discussion about the greatest coach ever more than just theoretical. This dynamic conversation about coaching greatness, epitomized by the likes of Guardiola, opens up a world where opinions can be both passionately debated and potentially profitable.


Guardiola has been called a genius by many. Including Newcastle midfielder Guimaraes. Bruno believes the Spaniard is the best coach in history. It is not easy to choose the best footballer, and with mentors, it is even more complicated and interesting. It’s a good time to rate Josep. “Manchester City” is the champion of England, and Guardiola is on the threshold of the second treble. With MJ and Inter left to beat, the result of the evening’s game against Lampard is now irrelevant.

The Number of Big Trophies

Guardiola, before the match against Real Madrid in last season’s Champions League, reminded us what he has already achieved:

“Is my legacy at the club being defined now? It is already exceptional.”

But don’t think it’s arrogance. Josep doesn’t have the same character as Mourinho. José praised himself much more often. For example, he called himself the best coach in the history of Real Madrid. A couple of years ago Guardiola said that he was not the best coach in history. He said you can’t judge strictly on trophies. But if it is the cups that count, then Guardiola will soon overtake Lucescu, Stein and Lobanovskiy. And if he stays in football for long, he will overtake Ferguson.

A Constant Work in Progress

Guardiola doesn’t stop, just as Lucescu stopped when he abandoned the idea of working in the top 5. Or Wenger at Arsenal when he turned down Real Madrid. Guardiola is working on himself, and that shows. Unreasonable former players sometimes sin the coaches who value statistics, but Josep is engaged in deep analysis of the game. His approach is working, the mentor is evolving. For example, the season in the APL was difficult but succeeded as Manchester City was in classy form at the finish.

Successes in the Big Three Leagues

“Barcelona were a phenomenon. “Manchester City will be history if they beat Inter in the final. Guardiola has 11 league titles in 14 seasons. Only three mentors have managed to take the crown from him. The Citizens have five cups in seven years. The German successes can still be put down to Bayern’s hegemony, but Barcelona had a star-studded Real Madrid on the doorstep to their first Champions League win and Manchester City had Liverpool. Guardiola has beaten tough opponents.

The Monetary Superiority of the Clubs

Pep has creepily rich clubs. Two ancient favourites, one rich. “Have the Citizens bought their titles? Of course, as did Real Madrid, Liverpool and other billionaires. Money alone doesn’t work, but Manchester City have a solid budget and squad. The Catalans haven’t been poor either, and neither have Munich. Josep won against the favourites. With Girona, he didn’t win La Liga or the Champions League. Ferguson revitalised MJ, and Sacchi helped build Milan. Guardiola often came all ready for strong managers. He developed Messi rather than found him in Argentina. It’s a similar story to Holland.

Lack of an Equal Competitor

Mourinho loves himself too much to remain a rival for his namesake for a decade and a half. José has not switched sides to attacking football. But the Portuguese will point fingers at how many European Cups he has won with humbler clubs than Barcelona and Manchester City. But the absence of his Wenger – both in Germany and England – is hurting Ferguson’s new Manchester City era. Guardiola is less likely to lose coaches than himself. It’s frustrating, would love to see a Superman vs Batman battle.

Manic Fidelity to Style

Guardiola’s football is like Bielsa’s football. Style comes first. That’s why he doesn’t change the culture. Josep’s desire to put the idea above everything else leads to the category of coaches who have not rewritten history, although they have given much inspiration. Maybe in the 21st century, it is impossible to become the best coach in the history of football. Or will it be someone who, because of his rebellious nature, starts winning cups with more modest teams than Guardiola’s? Anything could be, but in his manic phase, Guardiola wakes up and loses.

We are waiting for the coaches of the metamodern, but its representatives are not mature enough to be trusted with positions at the world’s top clubs. Guardiola is from an era where most of the powerful coaches are former footballers. Perhaps the genius of all geniuses will come from the street. But who is the best right now?

Many will say you can’t pick just one. But imagine having to name just one name. You can do it with arguments, you can do it without arguments. Guardiola has been sorted out, but we doubt that football is a personality dictatorship, so this could be a fascinating poll. Don’t be shy, there are no right or wrong answers here. Pick the best coach in history.


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