With the Addition of Luis Diaz, Are Liverpool Stronger Favourites to Win the Champions League?


Luis Diaz

Liverpool’s chances in this year’s Champions League have been bolstered by the
somewhat unexpected signing of former Porto player Luis Diaz in a €40 million transfer
deal on January 30. It comes after the 25-year-old professional football player, who was
born in Columbia, became the lucky recipient of the Golden Boot during the 2021 Copa
America alongside Argentina’s Lionel Messi, to attract the attention of a number of
English football clubs and change football fans’ existing predictions on Champions
League football betting during this season’s transfer window.

To find out whether Liverpool are stronger favourites to win the Champions League after
the welcome addition of Luis Diaz, continue reading.

A promising up and comer

It may have only been 2018 when Luis Diaz made his professional football debut in the
Columbian Second Division at Barranquilla but in the short time since, he has climbed
the ranks to become one of the most promising up and comers in the wider world of
professional football. By joining Liverpool, he joins an already impressive squad that
includes the likes of Roberto Firmino, Mohamed Salah, Diogo Jota, and Sadio Mane
and now has the perfect opportunity to showcase his world-class versatility, sheer
persistence, and good eye for a pass on a global stage at one of the world’s best
football clubs in what is guaranteed to be one of the best moves of his short
professional football career so far.

A well-needed solution to Liverpool’s problems

It comes as Liverpool has struggled with a number of problems in recent months and
this year’s transfer window looks somewhat bleak in the lead up to this momentous
signing. Roberto Firmino’s performance on the pitch as of recently, for example, has led
to him spending the majority of his time on the bench which, compared to just a couple
of years ago, may have been the determining factor behind Jurgen Klopp’s decision to
dip into the market and expand his existing line-up of attackers. He has managed to claw back some of his poorest performances but by the time Jota and Salah make their
welcome return, his contribution to the squad may need a little push. These problems,
coupled with the club’s limited budget, made the signing of Luis Diaz a natural next step
for Liverpool.

The boost that Liverpool needs

Luis Diaz is set to be the boost that Liverpool needs during this year’s Champions
League. In previous years, for example, the Columbian professional football player
would have been cup-tied after representing the Portuguese side during the group
stages but following a number of changes to the rules by the UEFA, he will be able to
feature for Liverpool during the knockout stages after his timely transfer. This also
renders him eligible for a spot on the 25-strong squad which has been made easier due
to the recent departure of Nat Phillips freeing up a position after the centre-half moved
to Bournemouth on loan.

On January 30, former Porto player Luis Diaz became the latest addition to Liverpool in
a €40 million transfer deal. The Columbian football player, who only made his
professional debut in 2018 in the Columbian Second Division at Barranquilla, has,
however, climbed the ranks to become one of the world’s most promising up and
comers of recent years by emerging as a well-needed solution to Liverpool’s problems.
In addition, he is also set to be the boost that Liverpool needs after the recent departure
of Nat Phillips allowed him to secure a coveted spot on the 25-strong team.


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